My apologies to our readers.  Tweek and I have been quite busy.  Tweek was injured at work in August and it has been a series of surgeries and trips to doctors that filled our summer and early fall.  But, she is better and back at work now and we are back to normal.  Thank you for your dedication and kind words in our absence, tweek’s bottom has had many tails to write about again.

Ma’am and tweek

tweek’s first request

Tweek loved working at the medical complex.  There were many days chaos, but she would strive on that.  She loves the fast paced activity of seeing many patients and helping them with her training.  Even though it was exhausting at times, she enjoying interacting with her patients and receiving their appreciation and acknowledgement of her efforts.  There were many days like this, but for some reason the ones THIS week were not!

It seemed like every day someone was bitching about something.  Her staff was constantly grumbling about being so busy and even though Tweek tried to listen to their gripes, she felt a level of frustration building up inside her.   She was tired, too, but the staff didn’t need to hear her adding to the complaining.  She needed to “set the example” of how people should behave, but some days she was just too tired to deal with it.  Her body complained to her constantly from being so busy she could hardly sit down and wasn’t sleeping as deeply as she normally would because of it.

Ma’am knew tweek was having busy weeks because she wasn’t as perky and silly when she came home.  In the evening Ma’am would be immediately acknowledged upon arriving home and greeted with a kiss from tweek and a warm hug.  However, this week tweek would meet her Mistress with a tired smile and didn’t want to let go when Mistress held her.  She asked tweek if she was alright, and tweek would respond, “Yes, ma’am, just tired I guess.  I really missed you today is all.”

Tweek was fiercely independent before she met Ma’am.  She didn’t have a choice but to solve her own problems and deal with her own issues.  That’s one of many reasons she fell into her role as sub so easily, because she realized one of the many benefits was NOT having to solve her own problems and Ma’am would help guide her through any issues that came up.  But, as her fatigue grew and multiple issues at work arose, she didn’t want to bitch about them to Ma’am when she got home.  She didn’t deserve that and besides, tweek just wanted to forget about work and all the aggravations when she left there.

What she didn’t realize is that this made her less attentive to Ma’am and often forgot things that Ma’am had told her to do.  That made her feel even worse because disappointing her Mistress was so important to her.  She became more emotional than usual and frequently she found herself being overly angry and impatient about things that never used to bother her like the animals being in her way when she was walking or not being able to find something she had misplaced.  Ma’am rightfully scolded her when she forgot her responsibilities to Her, and that just made tweek more upset because she hated not pleasing the woman she loved.  Ma’am knew that things at work were frustrating for tweek and tried to be understanding and tolerant of her sub’s misguided behavior, but at the same time reeled her in with a stern look and verbal correction when she forgot her role.  She recognized this pattern in tweek and knew that she had to do this in order for her not to continue spiraling out of control at work and at home.

Then one evening after a nice dinner and glass of wine, tweek for no apparent reason just burst into tears at the dinner table.  It surprised Ma’am but at the same time she knew it was long overdue.  “What’s wrong baby?” as Ma’am reached over and held her sub and tweek just sobbed in her arms.  “Shhhh, my love, you are safe and it will all be alright.  Just talk to me and tell me what’s bothering you so much tonight?”  After several minutes of crying,  tweek said, “i don’t know ma’am, i just need to get it all out but i don’t know what ‘it’ is?”  Ma’am chuckled and said, “Really?  All this sobbing for no reason?  You know what ‘it’ is, my love.  How may I help you remember?  Is there something that I can DO perhaps?”  Ma’am was sometimes so subtle in her guidance, she knew what her sub needed, but more importantly she also knew her sub had to realize it herself and give in and ASK for it.

Tweek’s mind was racing in search of a possible solution to help ma’am calm her down.  She knew sex was out of the question because she was so stressed and rattled that an orgasm would not be possible for her.  What else could ma’am “DO?!”  Then it occurred to her what would help her relax and reset:  Being across her Mistress’ lap and totally spewing her pent up frustrations!

She stopped crying, took a few cleansing breaths and looked up at Ma’am with puffy eyes and her snotty nose.  There were several seconds of hesitation as Tweek had to work up her courage to actually REQUEST getting pain inflicted on her bottom when it wasn’t for punishment purposes.  She trusted Ma’am completely, of course, and knew that only the complete devotion and submission to Her in such a way would bring the release of sub-space that she so desperately needed to calm herself.  Ma’am just stared at her Tweek with loving eyes and a warm smile and patiently waited for Her pet’s request. “I know you know what you need, my love.  You need to ask me for it so you can let it all out.  Come on, baby, you can do it.”

Tweek looked downward for a moment, took a deep sigh and looked up at her Mistress’ beautiful face as calmness came over her.  “Ma’am….If it pleases you, would you please give me a spanking?”  Ma’am smiled proudly at her courageous sub and said, “Yes, my pet.  You may present yourself to Me and assume the position.” Tweek sniffled as she followed Mistress into their bedroom, then began removing her clothing per protocol as Ma’am made herself comfortable sitting on their bed with pillows against the headboard to rest against and one under her knees for support and comfort.

Tweek presented her Mistress with a variety of spanking implements to choose from and then lay across her Dom’s wonderful, strong lap and came to rest with her bottom presented to Her.  “Tell me why you’re here?” Ma’am asked as she always did before a spanking.  Tweek was a bit embarrassed to admit she needed a spanking and hesitated with responding.  Whap! Ma’am’s hand smacked Tweek’s behind. “I asked you a question!” She said with her strong, Dom tone. Tweek, startled, responded “I’ve had a very rough week, mam.  People have been so cranky and — ” Whap, Whap, Whap! Ma’am’s hand firmly smacked again. “Why are you HERE?” She asked again.  Tweek carefully responded cutting to the chase as Ma’am inferred by the additional spankings, “Because I need a spanking from you, Mistress.  I need the release from all this frustration and anger inside me.  I desire sub-space, Ma’am and only You can provide that.”   “That’s my good girl!” Ma’am responded as she picked up the paddle to warm her sub up.

Tweek felt the familiar sting as it landed 10 times against her bottom and began to breathe quickly in response.  Then she felt the coolness of the wooden back scratcher as it drifted across her behind.  (Ma’am was always very good about placing the instrument of choice on Tweek’s behind so that she knew the type of pain that came next and could prepare for it.)  A sharp and very distinct pain radiated through each cheek as Ma’am whacked each one 5 times.  After about the 7th one, tweek couldn’t help but hold her breath and gasp in response to the burning.  “Really, still holding it all in?” Ma’am said. “Guess we’ll have to try something else then” as she reached up next to the headboard.

Tweek very briefly sighed with relief as she felt the large, flat coldness soothe her burning behind, until she realized it was “Brat.”  She clenched the bedspread with anticipation.  WHACK! As it landed just the first time, tweek felt the broad stinging across both cheeks at the same time and couldn’t breathe after gasping inward.  Whack, whack! as two more landings of Brat landed and tweek burst out in tears, screaming and sobbing into the bed. She felt the endorphins start to release but was still too tense with pain to allow them into her system.  Ma’am could tell this and hit three more smacks with Brat.  Tweek’s body tensed up again in response, but the endorphins in her system overwhelmed her as she went limp across Ma’am lap and drifted into subspace.  All the weeks’ tension and frustration oozed out of every pore on her body as every muscle sank into the bed and her only awareness was the distant sensation of her Mistress’ warm thighs on her abdomen.  Mistress knew she had achieved her goal when she felt her sub go completely limp over her.  She loved that feeling and so did Tweek as it meant complete submission.  Ma’am could feel her own wetness as she gazed at her sub’s red behind.  She stroked Tweek’s back soothingly and let her drift along, knowing that this was what she needed.  This was the unique way of “wiping her slate clean” as she put it, and letting Tweek emotionally regroup.

Tweek floated in sub-space for several minutes although she really couldn’t grasp the actual passage of time.  All she knew was that she was limp on her Mistress’ lap, safe, and warm with the buzz of endorphins relieving the emotional pain and frustration from the week.  She felt Ma’am’s hand putting lotion on her tender bottom, soothing at the same time.

“Come back to me, my pet” she heard in the distance as if in a dream.  “Tweek…come back” and she recognized her Mistress calling her and slowly began to move her limp body.  Ma’am guided her body as Tweek lifted and raised her heavy body up off her lap.  She snuggled into her Mistress’ arms and rested, completely resolved of all her tension.

Upon awakening, she thanked her Mistress for spanking her — a concept she NEVER thought was possible for her to do.  But, under Her guidance and service, Tweek learned of its benefits.  Nowhere else in life is it possible to emotionally “wipe the slate clean” and start over.  She began to caress her Mistress and lowered herself to that wonderful spot between Ma’am’s legs to properly thank her.  Ma’am said, “That’s right, pet, thank me properly.”


Happy 2015


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New Years

The Christmas Season had been such a whirlwind with travel and family and inclement weather, it just felt like the whole holiday had been a rush instead of a pleasure.  But, as the year drew to a close Alice and tweeky were finally alone in their apply named Escape headed to their cabin in the woods.  As they drove up the old back road from Socorro to Carrizozo the snow started to drift down covering the road in a comforter of cotton.   Alice drove with tweek snuggled into her shoulder; she’d been asleep there since they left the interstate.  They had stopped in Albuquerque last night and spent the night, so this morning before they left they had loaded up with supplies from Trader Joe’s.

Alice kissed tweeky on the head, “babe, we are getting close did you want to start waking up?”  Tweek roused, “Wow, it’s snowing.  When did that start?”

“About the same time we started climbing out of the desert.” Alice answered, “Help me watch for the cut off, there’s a mail box with a cattle guard off to the right, look for a sign that says Carrizozo flea market, it’s right after that sign.”

They pulled into the drive of the cabin shortly after and tweek was all gasps and awes.   It was the first time Alice had been here in 10 years, although as a child she had spent every holiday and most of the summer here.  Her parents owned this cabin and had left it to her when they passed 11 years ago.  But, since that time Alice had only come one time, to close it up, and found it just too painful to return.  A local neighbor had been keeping it up and Alice had let them know they were coming up, so she expected it to be aired out, but this was amazing.  There were luminaria’s all around the house with candles in the windows and smoke coming from the chimney.  Miguel had obviously wanted the cabin to look warm and inviting for Alice’s return to the childhood haven.  Alice turned off the car and sat in the driveway looking at the sight, tears started down her cheeks, and she wiped them away before tweek could see.

“Ma’am, it is amazing!” tweek exclaimed.  “Why don’t we live her all year long?”

Alice chuckled.  “Work is scarce around here, especially for a college professor and a nurse practitioner, and sweetie, although I know you’d love trying you are way too high maintenance to live on love alone.”  Ma’am teased tweek.

Tweek made a pouty face, “but, we’re here now, can we go in?”

They got out of the car and each loaded up on bags and items to carry in.  Immediately Alice noticed the stairs had been deiced and there was a salt/sand mixture already lain.   Alice fished the keys out of her purse and opened the front door.  She was immediately overwhelmed with the smells of her childhood, pinon in the fireplace, raw pine wood and cold, fresh air.  She felt the threat of tears again when a cold icy lump hit the back of her head and slid down her shirt collar.  She turned to see tweek had dropped her bags and made a snowball from the railing of the front porch.  “OH, you little brat!”  Alice exclaimed as she dropped her own bags and started after her bratty submissive.  Tackling her in the snow bank Alice took a hand full of snow and rubbed it on tweek’s face and neck and down her shirt.  “Does the cold bother you now? My little ice princess?” Alice teased.  Tweek squealed with protests and squirmed in the snow.  Alice came closer for a deep look into tweek’s eyes, “You are such a mess!! But, you’re my mess.” Alice said and she pressed her lips tightly over tweek’s and opening their mouths probed tweek’s mouth with her tongue as though she needed to taste all of tweeky in order to live another minute.

They might have melted the whole snow bank, had it not been for the clearing of the throat behind them that startled them both.  Alice rolled off tweek and looked up into the brown eyes and mocha soft face of her childhood friend, “Miguel, you ol’ peeping tom!” Alice squealed as she leapt to her feet and threw her arms around her old friend’s neck.  They hugged and Alice kissed him on the cheek.  Miguel sat her back on her feet and she pulled tweek out of the snow, introducing them they shook hands and started into the house.  Miguel helped pick up the bags and parcels that had been dropped on the front porch.  Once inside Miguel introduced his wife Anadeena.  When they took the bags into the kitchen they saw a pot of posole and a plate of tamales.  “Anadeena, did you make all this?” Alice asked in surprise?

“Well, we wanted you to feel welcome, so you will come back more.” Anadeena answered.

“That was so sweet of you, Miguel you really lucked out with this one, how did you catch her?”

“Well, my childhood crush never showed any interest, and now I see why.” He teased back.  “All this time, I thought I wasn’t man enough, now I know I was too much man.”  They all chuckled.

“Well, if I had ever been tempted it would have been for you, Miguel.” Alice smiled.  “You will stay and help us eat all of this, please!”

Anadeena got bowls and plates and silverware and tweek helped her set the table.  Alice and Miguel immediately started getting caught up, it was like the 10 years since they’d seen each other just melted away in an instant and they were talking about things tweek had never heard Ma’am talk about with anyone.  The death of her parents, holidays past, dreams, adventures, successes and failures all topics of these two old friends were news to tweeky.  It turned out Miguel and Anadeena had two boys and were hoping to have a girl in the spring, Anadeena was four month pregnant.

Apparently, Ma’am had been an accomplished artist and through the conversation tweek discovered most of the art in the living room and dining room of the cabin were works of Ma’am’s. There were obvious pictures drawn in childhood, but there were also canvases of splendid sunsets and pottery vases with glazes and finishes tweek had never seen before.  It amazed tweek the things she found out about this woman she loved.

After dinner tweek and Anadeena cleared the table and did the dishes.  As they put the dishes away Anadeena whispered, “You learn much tonight?” Tweek looked at her beautiful brown eyes like pools of melted semi-sweet chocolate with long black eye lashes and high cheek bones. “yes,” she whispered, she was overcome with a destructive emotion that she had never experienced to this depth.

“I too knew Alice as a child.  We were not close friends, like Miguel, but my family ran the fruit stand in town and I knew her family.  Miss Alice, I called her, but she was the kindest, most generous vacation girl that ever came into town.  She would have a party with her family every summer and she always asked me and my siblings to come.  It was at the Alto country club, a place us local children would never have been let into without their invitation.  One summer she came to my papa to ask about worms for a bird that had fallen from a tree and she was trying to keep alive.  My papa came to see, it was an owl, not a good omen in our culture, my papa told her to let it die before it took the lives of others.  But, she just ground up the worms and kept feeding it until its’ wing healed and it was strong enough to fly.  Then she took it to the top of Old Baldy and let it fly free.  This is a woman that feels deeply, hurts deeply and loves deeply.  In all the years, you are the first she has brought to this place.  Do not worry about Miguel, unless you hurt Miss Alice, then worry and watch out, he is a deep lover as well.” She finished with a smile and a wink.

The women finished and joined Miguel and Alice in the living room, where a bottle of Pistachio blush, from Heart of the Desert winery, had been opened and Ma’am handed tweek a class as Miguel handed Anadeena another, which she declined in favor of her hot chocolate carried in from the kitchen.  Tweeky sat on the love seat next to Alice who quickly put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her in closely.  Tweek snuggled into Ma’am’s arm and pulled her feet up under her to listen to the conversation about the Apache tribal politics, the casino’s and the fire season that had devastated the landscape.  Before long Anadeena said she was starting to feel tired and wanted to go home.  Miguel jumped to bundle his wife up and get her home.  Plans were made for a New Year’s get-together and the cabin was empty, except for tweeky and Ma’am.

Tweeky yawned and turned to Ma’am, kissing her cheek she said, “Can I have a tour, please.”   Alice showed tweeky around the cabin, pointing out childhood memories occasionally and stopping for a long time in the master bedroom she finally said, “I guess we’ll sleep here, feels a little weird, but I’ll just have to get over that, now, won’t I?”  Kissing tweek on the forehead they went into the entranceway and started carrying in suitcases.  Before long they had all the bags unpacked and everything put away.  Tweek picked up the final bag and opened it to reveal all the toys Ma’am had packed for them, everything from paddles and floggers to dildo’s and strap-ons.  Quickly she closed that case and left it on the bed as she grabbed her new sexy nighty and headed for the bathroom.  Ma’am saw the action out of the corner of her eye and went to the case after tweek left the room.  The large cedar chest at the foot of the bed was an excellent place to store these items.

Alice went to the dresser and took out her own Christmas lingerie and changed.  A long sheer red gown, cut open in the front to reveal the red lace panties and camisole.  Red stockings were held up with red garters.  Going to the chest she removed a new paddle and her favorite old vibrator.  Placing these on her side of the bed, she went into the kitchen and put on the kettle for a cup of tea.  As the water came to a boil and she made the cup the snow falling outside the window caught her attention and she went to the window to see the splendor of the night in the mountains.  She was deep in thought when tweek came out to the living room, she felt her more than heard behind her when she turned she saw her little sub had been crying.  “What is it?”  Alice asked.

“You looked so sad standing there in the window, I didn’t want to interrupt you.” Tweek whispered.

Ma’am smiled, “you didn’t interrupt me, but even if you had that sight is worth the interruption.” Tweek stood in a fitted red corset that laced in the back.  It was open at the top to reveal her breasts pushed up over the top with red glitter pasties over the nipples.  Garters came from the fur trimmed leg openings and held up black silk stockings.  A red thong filled the crease of her butt cheeks, providing a perfect frame for the glorious, plump mounds of flesh that created the curve of her backside.

Tweeky smiled and looked at her feet, blushing she said, “do you like it Ma’am?”

“Oh yes, my pet, I do like, very much.  I believe I have just the thing to finish off that outfit, I left it in the bedroom.” Ma’am hinted.

Putting her arm around tweek they both headed to the bedroom.  Tweeky stopped short when she saw the implements already lain out on the bed.  “I’ve been good.” She protested.  “Oh, yes my love, you have been very good and now you will be better.”  Ma’am smiled as she guided tweek to the bed.  “I think the perfect complement to that nighty will be a pink hinny, don’t you agree?” Ma’am cooed.

Tweek stood, with her nipples getting harder under the pasties of her outfit.  “Are we a little nippily my dear?” Ma’am asked.  “Yes, ma’am, if it pleases you ma’am.” Tweek answered.  Taking a nipple into her mouth, Ma’am sucked the pasty off and nipping the protruding delicate tissue tweek sucked in breath sharply and collapsed into Ma’am’s arms.  A large overstuffed chair sat in the corner of the room, taking up the paddle in her other hand Ma’am guided tweek to the chair.  Settling herself on the chair Ma’am guided tweek across her lap.  Running her finger down the laces of tweek’s new corseted Santa suit ma’am asked, “Shall we talk a little about Miguel’s visit tonight?”

“How did you know?” Tweek blurted out as Ma’am laid the paddle on the small of tweek’s back.  “How do you always know?” tweeky now whined.  “I am always aware, sweetness, and you were a little transparent with your jealousy.  Didn’t Anadeena notice?” Ma’am smiled.  “So, let’s start with your feelings.”

“I was a little jealous; he knows things about you that I never even heard of, things I should have known.”  Tweek whined as explanation.

“I have known Miguel since I was 5, at least.  His family has lived in the next cabin up for as long as I can remember.” Ma’am reasoned.  “It only makes sense he would know about things I’ve put out of my mind.”

“But, you’re such a good artist, why didn’t I know that?” tweek objected.

“I don’t do that anymore.” Ma’am stated.

“But, you should, oh my gosh Ma’am you totally should.” Tweek argued.  A sharp swat to her unprepared mounds stopped her short.  Tweek yelped in surprise.  Now that the paddle was in Ma’am’s hand a few more swats followed as tweek squirmed slightly to optimize her position.

After a pause, tweek asked, “Did you ever make out with him?”

Ma’am laughed, “We might have kissed once when I was about 8, but nothing else, he has loved Anadeena since they were in kindergarten together.  I was his mate, you know, partner in crime.  More like we got spanked together, oh yea, he was my first spanking partner.  Maybe even the reason I am not in your position, but rather choose to be the giver of such delicacies.”

Five rapid swats, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, tweek was pressing up on her toes to be closer to the swats.  Ma’am always knew when tweek needed a spanking fix, even when tweeky thought she was handling her addiction so well on her own.  “Those were for that snow escapade when we first arrived, naughty kitten.” Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack.

“My, my is my little kitten in need of this more than she thought.”  Ma’am teased.

“Oh, yes ma’am.” Tweek panted.

Five more, harder swats followed, Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.  Then spreading tweek’s legs apart, Ma’am reached in between tweek’s legs and moving aside the thong felt the warm, moisture that was building.  Another swat to each cheek and moisture coated Ma’am’s finger as she thrust it into the warm welcoming pillow.  Tweek moaned with anticipation.

Ma’am pulled her finger out and running it down the clef, circled the clit as she applied three more swats to each brightening cheek mound.  Smack, Smack, Smack to the right and Smack, Smack, Smack to the left.  Tweek pushed up towards Ma’am to greet each swat as her hips started to gyrate with the building arousal.

“Oh, ma’am I love you so much,” tweek breathed out.  “You always know, you always know.”

Three more smacks, harder than all the others and then the forcing of three fingers inside tweek and she was begging for release.  “Please ma’am may I cum, please ma’am.”

“Not yet, hold on precious.” Ma’am delivered five more firm swats as she finger fucked tweek hard and deep.  Tweek moaned a deep gluteal moan as Ma’am commanded. “Now, pet, cum for me now!”  Landing a volley of swats on tweek’s bright red ass, tweek came in a gush of emotion that matched the gush from between her legs.  “Thank you ma’am” She yelled as her whole body convulsed in an orgasm with the intensity of a small avalanche, taking out all her inhibitions and jealousy.

Collapsing on Ma’am’s lap, she panted as small aftershocks rocked her body every few seconds.  The after cum continued to cause small rippling convulsions throughout her body and made Ma’am smile.

Ma’am rubbed and caressed tweek’s bright red bulbs that now glowed like Rudolph’s nose.  “Should I let you go sit in that snow bank now my love and soften my work?” Ma’am joked.

Tweek turned over and sat up on Ma’am’s lap.  Throwing her arms around her neck and kissing her face and neck with tender passionate kisses, tweek said, “No, ma’am your work is perfect, but I’d love to get between your legs for just a few minutes, please” She begged.

Tweek slid down to the floor and taking her position between Ma’am’s legs she gently pulled her panties to the side as she kissed the tender flower it revealed.  Licking up the crack Ma’am leaned back and opened her legs to allow tweek full access.  Tweek took the button of the clit into her mouth and sucked gently as Ma’am moaned.

Placing her hands on the top of tweek’s head Ma’am said, “There is no way Miguel ever kissed me like that, so see kitten, you have nothing to be jealous of where any man is concerned.”

Tweek stuck her tongue into Ma’am’s vagina and licked up through the opening ending back at the top of the clit, sucking in the juices.  Ma’am began to moan and tweek continued to suckle, lick and probe until Ma’am released a forceful orgasm.  Holding tweek’s head in place, Ma’am squirted all over tweek’s face in an orgasm that nearly drowns tweek.  Tweek licked Ma’am clean and rested her head on Ma’am’s lap as Ma’am caught her breath.

Then rising from the chair, Ma’am lifted tweek from the floor and guided her to the bed, the two women fell into bed folded in each other’s arms and were asleep before their heads hit the pillows.

Thank you Veterans — Remembrance Day Tribute

Eulogy for a Veteran

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the Gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the mornings hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
of quiet birds in circled flight,
I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there, I did not die.

tweeky enters service (Ma’am version)

By the time I met Morganne I had not had a sub in about 4 years.  I had thought I had left the lifestyle and threw myself into my career.  Morganne was a challenge from the beginning that somehow begged to be addressed.  Her constant conflict with people in her life, as well as the language she used to describe her feelings were red flags to my Dom side and I knew she would benefit from the exchange in ways she never imagined.

But, the problem was how to address the behaviors without her feeling I was on the side of her adversaries.  Also, our relationship was purely vanilla and she had no idea that my past was filled with women that had met with correction from my Dom side.  So, after a few of her tirades on how people had wronged her, I began to make jokes about someone needing a spanking.  Over time I began to hint that “the someone” was her.  Eventually she caught on and asked, “are you offering?” To which I immediately replied, “By all means, I’d love to have that chance.”  She was uncomfortable about the exchange, but still curious enough to ask if I’d ever had that done to me.  I told her, “yes, I have, but I’ve found I’m better at giving than receiving.”  She didn’t know how to take that response, but let it drop.

I knew Morganne enjoyed the company of women exclusively, so I began to send pictures of attractive women, slowly introducing spanking poses and then spanking pictures.  She found them interesting and sometimes erotic. I increased my D/s references in conversation and once when she was visiting me I got her to watch, “The Story of O,” that I had on DVD.  She found many parts of the movie erotic as well and as we watched I observed her body language and responses and saw that she was beginning to weaken on the topic.

Then that eventful phone call came through that lead to the skype that allowed me to show my true side.  Morganne got into a pissing match with her boss at the hospital.  The argument happened months before the termination, but it sparked the boss to start keeping a record of activities that could be used to terminate Morganne.  It came out of the blue, but had always been inevitable.  She was in a panic. Her personal life had been in shambles many times, but her professional life had always been pristine.

What I encountered when I picked up the phone that evening was a hysterical mess.  I quickly got her to hang up and meet me on skype.

“I was fired!” her first words to me when we connected on skype.

“Tell me what happened?” I said calmly, trying to send calming through the fiber optics of our computers.  She couldn’t even get a single coherent sentence out, just snippets of; “list………reindeer hat…….patient family……..records………bitch!” with lots of sniffling and gasps for air in-between.  When I saw her pulse in her jugular I had to take action.  “STOP!  RIGHT NOW!  BREATHE.”  I commanded.  She nearly jumped out of her skin, caught her breath and then I went on.  I was looking deep in her eyes, but what she doesn’t seem to remember is I was talking the whole time.  “Morganne, this is not acceptable, I can not help you if you do not calm yourself and make sense.  I will not allow you to spiral out of control look at me and know I will be there next week and be able to help you, but for now we have to make a plan.” At this point she took a deep breath and lowered her eyes and calmly told me what happened.  I suggested some first steps for the next day and promised to talk to her in the morning before I left for class.

The next morning I called Morganne and asked how she was.  “I’m better, thank you.  I have my list of things to do today and I am going to get as many done as I can.” She told me.

“Good girl,” I responded with a secretive smile.  I knew right then that it was only a matter of time before I’d have a collar on her and she’d be in service to me.

Over the next week we spoke often and I dropped little analogies about other women I had helped through a “special relationship” I had with them.  Every account brought a new realization in her eyes and she was hanging on every word.  Then she started asking questions and from the questions I knew she had done some internet searches to check into D/s relationships.  Questions like; “do you have a safe word with the women you’ve worked with?”  “No, Morganne either I am in charge or I am not, trust is essential to what I do and a safe word only puts the power back in the hands of the sub.  Besides, I would never do anything that could hurt or maim a woman that trusted me enough to pledge her service to me.” I answered.  My favorite question during that time was, “Can I quit if I don’t like it and nothing change between us?”  I was stymied for a minute, “Morganne, this is a relationship I am proposing, can you quit a relationship if you don’t like it and expect everything to go back to when you didn’t have the relationship?”  You were a little disappointed with this answer.

I knew there was an internal struggle raging inside her.  But, the clincher would be when I arrived at the Oakland airport and she was there to pick me up.  She stood at the end of the escalator coming from the arrivals terminal with a bouquet of roses.  I hugged her and took the flowers and proceeded to the baggage claim.  We got my stuff and headed for the car.  As we approached the car, she popped the trunk and started to help me put my bag in the back.  I leaned in and whispered in her ear, remove your panties and give them to me with the car keys.  She was wearing a broom skirt and without hesitation she stepped to the side of the car and pulled them off and handed them to me with the keys.  We got into the car and I set the GPS for Morganne’s address.  She was ever so impressive, she never protested that I didn’t know how to get home or that the traffic might not be what I was used to, she just sat in her seat, silently.

We stopped at a grocery store on the way home and picked up food to make dinner at home.  Morganne is not much of a cook, but knowing what I had planned for the evening I wanted us to be home, not someplace public.  We got home and I got food put together and in the oven for our dinner, popped open a bottle of wine and gained a new sub.

“…..Alice?” she said quietly, eyes cast downward, as we were sitting down with our glass of wine while dinner cooked.

“Yes?”  I responded.  Feeling pretty sure the time had finally come.

“Can i be Your sub?  i’d like to try it at least.” She barely squeaked out.
I laughed, sat up sternly and looked at her for several seconds, and taught her the first lesson of being a sub:  “That’s not how it works.  I am the one that asks you if you would like to be in service to Me!” I corrected.

She was embarrassed and immediately apologized and looked sheepishly at the floor.  I laughed and excused myself for a moment and went to retrieve something I had previously made for this magic moment.

“Morganne?.”  I said as I reentered the room.  She sheepishly looked up. “Yes?”

“Yes, Ma’am is your proper response!” I cautioned her.

“Oh, sorry. Yes….Ma’am?” she whispered.

“Morganne, will you please get down on your knees?” I asked as I took the wine from her hand.  She got down on her knees and I asked; “Morganne, Would you do me the honor of being my submissive and serving me?”

She closed her eyes, and said, “Yes, Ma’am.  If You’ll have me.”  Then I leaned over lifted her chin and looking deep into her blue eyes, I kissed her for the first time.  I then took the stud encrusted, purple collar from my back pocket and fastened it around her neck.  Then taking the tag in my hand I read to her; “tweeky, property of MMe. Alice.”  That’s your new name, my sweet and we will be learning quite a bit together.”

How tweeky was born

i can’t stand where i’m working, Ma’am.  Every day the management expects us to more paperwork and less patient care. i didn’t continue my education to become a Nurse Practioner to be away from the patients.  i know that legally, there needs to be a certain amount of documentation in my profession, but when you can’t even take the time to care for the patients and their concerns, what difference does the documentation make?!  It was the same when i was a floor nurse and it drove me crazy then, too.

i wish SO much that at the times i am feeling my most stressed that i could see Your face and be held in Your arms.  You have the amazing talent of telling someone to “Go to Hell” in such a way that they will look forward to the trip!  In the past, i had my own ways of expressing myself, but it usually wound me up in trouble because i couldn’t keep my emotions in check.  Even worse, i would get SO angry that i would start crying and to me that meant appearing weak.

i remember when our friendship first started that i was frequently in trouble with my bosses because of how much anger i had inside of me.  It couldn’t help but overflow from my personal situations.  i had closed off my heart to the world due to the trauma i had faced in my 20’s.  But when we met, we became instant friends for several years.  You would listen to my ranting about the horrible day i had and somehow You always helped me calm down and look at things from a more refined, genteel perspective.  You were always able to show me how i had only made my situation worse by being reactive instead of proactive.

You alluded to a past of unspecified relationships that You always termed, “different than you’d expect.” i knew you’d been with at least one woman in the past, but no details.  You’d make comments about my anger and my problems at work like, “I know how to fix that, someday maybe you’ll let me help.” Or “I’d never let that go unchecked if you were with me.”  But, i really didn’t know what you meant exactly.  i didn’t know anything specific about the D/s lifestyles at that time.  Once, when we’d had a little wine you made a comment that stayed with me; “If only I could take you on as a submissive, I could teach you so much and help you to learn to deal with these situations.”  But, as usual, i was clueless until i read parts of one of you Psychology papers when you were earning your Masters Degree.  i was too embarrassed to ask about it at the time.  i just thought to myself; “No way!  SERIOUSLY?  Wow, i could NEVER do that!”

The one other time i brought it up, I asked you why you were interested in that topic and you responded, “care to find out?”  “No, way, that’s too Monty Python for me,” i ignorantly responded. You let the subject drop until something ELSE became a crisis in my life (not a long wait back then) and then You would casually drop a comment about the benefits of “the power exchange.”   Over time, i started to remotely entertain the idea of how nice it would be NOT to have to make all the decisions in my life — and suffer the consequences of all my bad ones. It was an interesting “theory” i thought, but still i couldn’t see me volunteering to be spanked by anyone!

Then, it happened:  I was terminated!  my emotions and anger were out of control. i was quickly spiraling into a deep depression wondering how i was going to pay my mortgage, my bills.  The two most hated words in my psyche constantly berated me: “What if….” and my anxiety and panic attacks would flood my body.

You and i would skype routinely in the evening and share our days, but that night i was out of control.  i couldn’t focus, i was crying and hyperventilating and finally, for the first time in our friendship, i heard Your “Dom” voice:  “STOP!  RIGHT NOW!  BREATHE.”  i had never heard such a stern voice, not since childhood. It baffled me as to why it was somewhat soothing?!  i calmed down to the point of being receptive and You looked me in the eye and held my gaze until i took a deep breath and my eyes lowered of their own accord.  You then told me about the D/s relationships from your past and how you had affected change in other women’s lives. i never judged You because of it; as that wasn’t my nature.  It all started to make sense as to why You would casually bring it up, thus planting the notion in my scattered brain.  You offered to take me on as Your sub and informed me that it would forever change our friendship and there was no going back.

“Could i really do this??  i know i trust Her with all my heart and love Her deeply as a friend.  It would be so nice to relinquish all this fear, anxiety and despair to someone who is much better equipped than i to deal with it.”  You never pushed the offer, just sort of laid it out there as an option and let me digest it.  We talked several more times about what it would mean and what i would have to offer in service.  i had been without physical intimacy for so many years and i ached for it.  You patiently waited and answered any questions/concerns i had (there were many!) over the next month.  i anxiously debated, in my head, the pros and cons of being in a D/s relationship.  Your emotional support of me, while i was unemployed, proved to me even more how much i needed you in my life and that i had fallen IN love with You even though i had been sure that i would never let anyone into my heart again.

Then one night, after you had told me how to refinance my home at a lower rate, to buy me some time on my mortgage and it had worked.  You had flown in for a conference and were staying with me, so i finally felt like it was time;

“…..Alice?” i quietly said, eyes cast downward, as we were sitting down with a glass of wine while dinner cooked.

“Yes?”  You responded.

“Can i be Your sub?  i’d like to try it at least.”
You laughed, sat up sternly and looked at me several seconds, and taught me my first lesson:  “That’s not how it works.  I am the one that asks you if you would like to be in service to Me!”
I was embarrassed and immediately apologized as i looked at the floor.  You laughed again.

“Morgan?.”  I sheepishly looked up. “Yes?”

“Yes, Ma’am is your proper response!” You cautioned me.

“Oh, sorry. Yes….Ma’am?” I almost whispered.

“Morgan, will you please get down on your knees?” you asked as you took the wine from my hand.  i did as you asked and you stood over me.

“Morgan, Would you do me the honor of being my submissive and serving me?”

i closed my eyes, felt a bit nauseated, and said, “Yes, Ma’am.  If You’ll have me.”  Then you leaned over me and lifted my chin and kissed me for the first time.  It was electric.